about us

  “Life ” 

DAIFUKU PROJECT is a Japan-based project that connects people around the world through creative hand products. The project is started by Tami, a fair trade promoter, and designer Mayo.  

We live in a world surrounded with so many products and yet we know so little about the stories behind them. We at DAIFUKU PROJECT believe that a product which carries smiles along the way would bring about true enrichment and happiness to our lives. 

DAIFUKU is a traditional Japanese sweet, a soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste. It also means big (“dai”) happiness or luck (“fuku”). At DAIFUKU PROJECT, it is our wish to serve as a catalyst for change on people’s lives: change that makes one happy. We believe that if we can multiply such happiness, connecting people beyond borders, slowly but surely the world would be a better place.  

To share smiles with all our partners and friends, and to help create a circle of happiness on earth- that is the dream of DAIFUKU PROJECT.

“Life ”  

DAIFUKU PROJECTは、モノ作りを通じて、 世界の人と人とを笑顔でつなぐ日本発の プロジェクトです。フェアトレードに取り組むTamiとデザイナーのMayoが中心となりスタートしました。 

私たちの身の回りにあるたくさんのモノ、モノ、  モノ。その背景には様々な物語があるけれど、笑顔がいっぱいつまったモノこそが、日々の暮らしを豊かにしてくれると考えます。

 小さくても、少しずつでも、一人ひとりが身の回りのモノを整えていく。そうする ことで作り手、買い手を問わず笑顔の輪が広がれば、世界も少しよくなるはず。  

 小さな福が大きな福へと育つきっかけ作りができたらいいね、そんな思いからDAIFUKU PROJECTと名付けました。

国境を越えて世界とつながり、かかわる人すべてと福を分かち合いたい- DAIFUKU PROJECTの願いです。